The Electronic Geophysical Year: 2007-2008

Get Involved

Interested in Getting Involved in eGY?

Learn about eGY

  • Browse the website.
  • Subscribe to the eGY email lists and get eGY News.
  • Liaise with the eGY community, Secretariat, and International Committee via the newsletter, website, and directly ().

Support eGY

  • Endorse eGY and become a signatory to the eGY Declaration.
  • Participate in an eGY Working Group of interest to you.
  • Create a new working group within the framework of eGY.
  • Serve on the International Committee; contribute to developing eGY policy.
  • Identify new opportunities for eGY.
  • Attend and contribute to eGY planning meetings and workshops.
  • Broadcast eGY efforts to international organizations and networks.
  • Use the eGY logo and brand name to mark activities, events, publications, communications, and so on.
  • Arrange for a resolution supporting eGY to be passed by authoritative bodies.

eGY in your work place

  • Encourage agencies, programs, national bodies, and committees within your community to become active in issues of modern data and information management.
  • Arrange activities that take advantage of the eGY opportunity and use 2007-2008 as a target date.
  • Report eGY developments, opportunities, and contacts to your community.
  • Use the eGY newsletter, website, and meetings to promote your activities.
  • Assign eGY-related responsibilities to a Task Group or Committee.
  • Consider creating a virtual observatory.
  • Use eGY timing and principles to support bids for national and international funding.

eGY workshops and conferences

  • Arrange specialist workshops and meetings on eGY topics.
  • Arrange eGY symposia and activities at conferences; notify the eGY Secretary of conference and meetings opportunities for eGY.
  • Participate in celebrations of the IGY legacy (throughout 2007-2008), review eGY achievements, and identify future steps.

Download the eGY Invitation Packet