The Electronic Geophysical Year: 2007-2008

Working Group on Education and Public Outreach

The development of the virtual observatories for the eGY offers an unprecedented educational opportunity to connect teachers throughout the world to authentic data, both real-time and archived, in a standards- and inquiry-based context. The goal of the eGY Education and Outreach is to create an education portal that connects teachers, in a well-defined way, to the virtual observatories. The programming developed would allow teachers to use the virtual observatories and its data in an educational context, with supporting materials and activities. In addition, and perhaps as important, the portal would support virtual educational communities, both synchronously and asynchronously. There would be virtual seminars, not only on science content, but on the educational technology and assessment, for example. We would provide multimedia assets for teachers, including scientific talks, computer-based animations and interactives.

The educational portal would support the interface to several virtual observatories from a wide variety of areas, including for example, the carbon-cycle, the geospace environment, and perhaps either the geological or oceanographic world, expanding on the intellectual themes of all of the I*Ys and Planet Earth. We will partner with the other commemorative years, leveraging their network of teachers worldwide and their educational programming while offering them the portal as an opportunity for collaboration. While the active programming might only exist for the eGY, the portal could be continued indefinitely.

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