The Electronic Geophysical Year: 2007-2008

eGY Demonstration Projects

Ken T. Murata: STARS (Solar-Terresrial data Analysis and Reference System)

Download description (pdf)
View STARS Homepage
Download application

Akinori Saito: Dagik (DAily Geospace data In Kml)

Play Dagik Introductory Movie (3.2 Mb Flash file)
Download KML file to browse data on Google Earth
Dagik Homepage

Caryn Neiswender, Luis Bermudez and the MMI Team: Demonstration of Standards-Based Interoperability Tool

Video (21 Mb MP4 file, click on the link at the bottom of the page)

Eliot Christian: Disaster Management Clearinghouse

Download Narrated Presentation (20 Mb ZIP* file)

Eliot Christian: Public Warning

Download Narrated Presentation (10 Mb ZIP* file)

Emily CoBabe-Ammann: Virtual Observatories in the Classroom

Download Linked Narration Presentation for Mac (70 Mb ZIP* file)
Play Movie of Presentation (55 Mb MOV** file)

Joanna Muench: GeoWS

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Download Transcript

Aaron Roberts: Virtual Space Physics Observatory

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View PowerPoint Narration Instructions

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