The Electronic Geophysical Year: 2007-2008

Attractions of eGY as an IGY+50 Initiative

eGY objectives are in keeping with the spirit of the IGY because they embody the notions of international cooperation to achieve greater understanding of our Earth-Space environment through better use of observational data. eGY is a logical extension of IGY and embodies themes that are:

  • Interdisciplinary - data sharing and data accessibility are common issues throughout ICSU; eGY, as a geophysical initiative, is particularly relevant to IUGG and IUGS. [Maybe the G should stand for Geoscientific to broaden the appeal]
  • Internationally inclusive - eGY themes are inherently global and relevant to all countries regardless of whether they are rich or poor. eGY-type programs offer important research opportunities for developed and developing countries
  • Capacity Building - developing countries can use the eGY infrastructure in ways most appropriate to their needs and at little cost to themselves
  • Timely - virtual observatories, e-Science, and GRID approaches are emerging in many countries; they are attracting enthusiastic support from governments
  • Affordable -The enabling technologies for eGY are already being developed elsewhere and can be accessed at no cost to ICSU/IUGG; we could expect to attract support for virtual observatories through participation in GRID-type initiatives that are already in place and well-funded
  • Conservative - eGY helps locate, capture, and secure data holdings that may be at risk
  • Appealing - eGY concepts, especially virtual observatories, are attractive to young scientists who demand fast, convenient access to comprehensive information; governments will be interested because of the relevance of eGY to their growing commitment to developing e-Science and GRID systems for information access
  • Cost effective - organizing on a world-wide basis is efficient, allowing more science for less money
  • Achievable - eGY can be achieved in the time available before 2007